Climatology Consultancy: Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods

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Read MoreProgramme Title: Ending Drought Emergencies: Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods

· Lot 1 Project Title: Community Resilience Building in Livelihood and Disaster Risk Management (REBUILD)
· Lot 2 Project Title: Building Drought Resilience in Isiolo County through sustainable Livelihoods (DRIC)
Location: Tana River County and Isiolo County (Kenya)
Duration: February 2021 to December 2023
Reports to: Project Managers of CISP and Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS
Objective: Climatology Consultancy to support the co-design of the Climate Service Data System and deliver reliable and easy to understand information to community members for Disaster Risk Reduction in Tana River and Isiolo Counties.
CISP – Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (International Committee for the Development of Peoples) is a rights-based international NGO established in 1983 in Rome. CISP implements humanitarian, rehabilitation and development projects through its cooperation with public and private local actors in over 30 countries globally. Since 1997 CISP has been working in Kenya to carry out projects in areas of development by supporting national and county authorities to provide quality, equitable, transparent and accountable services in various sectors. Over the past 23 years CISP Kenya has expanded its activities across more than 12 Counties in both rural and urban areas in various sectors of intervention, including Agriculture and Food Security, Conservation, Livelihoods, Health and Nutrition, Protection (children, refugees, GBV), Education (early childhood, university), Governance, and Arts and Culture.
Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS is a Participatory Foundation as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization born on 10 December 2020, from the merger by incorporation of the “Comitato Collaborazione Medica” Association (CCM) into the “Amref Health Africa Onlus” Participatory Foundation. When the DRIC project started, in January 2020, CCM was the organization partnering with VSF Suisse-Kenya (lead agency), WeWorld-GVC (WW-GVC), E4IMPACT Foundation (E4I) and Social Ministry Research Network Centre (SOMIRENEC). It had been working in Kenya since the early 1970s, mainly supporting the primary and secondary public healthcare system in Marsabit and Isiolo Counties. Since 2005, CCM had explored and adopted the concept of One Health (OH) as a sustainable approach to enhance the health of pastoral communities and their livestock and promote their resilience in the environment.
CISP is the lead agency of a consortium of partners (CISP, GROOTS Kenya, Nature Kenya and Procasur) implementing a multi-year EU-funded project on resilience building and food security in Tana Delta and Galole sub-Counties of Tana River County. The project is an integrated, multi-sectoral response to food security and sustainable livelihood challenges faced by agro-pastoralist and pastoralist communities, including drought and other effects of climate change. The project aims to enhance resilience of these communities through improving food and nutrition security of vulnerable households, especially for women and children, generating sustainable livelihoods and protecting productive assets.
Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS is in a consortium with other four organizations: VSF Suisse-Kenya (lead agency), WeWorld-GVC (WW-GVC), E4IMPACT Foundation (E4I) and Social Ministry Research Network Centre (SOMIRENEC) to implement a 48-month project funded by the EU –started in January 2020- to support both pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in Isiolo County. The project titled “Building Drought Resilience in Isiolo County through Sustainable Livelihoods” (DRIC) is being implemented in seven selected Wards in Isiolo County, namely Oldonyiro, Ngaremara, Chari, Cherab, Kinna, Sericho and Garbatulla. The Consortium undertakes activities that targets to enhance livestock productivity and management, Nutrition, One Health, Agriculture, Food Security and Livelihood, entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Water and Sanitation as well as Peacebuilding. Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS in particular is implementing One Health-related activities which include training community volunteers, promoting use of climate services, support on community sanitation, ensuring collaboration and coordination of related Ministries, complemented by nutrition screening and referrals.
REBUILD Intervention Logic
Overall Project Objective
The aim of the project is to contribute towards increased resilience of communities in ASAL areas of Kenya to drought and other effects of climate change.
Objective of the Assignment
CISP and Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS are seeking a climatology consultancy from a Service Provider to deliver on 2 Lots with the following objective: to update and localize the Climate Service Data system and DRR procedures to make them accessible by the communities of Tana River (Lot 1) and Isiolo (Lot 2) Counties. This consultancy aims at strengthening the information sharing and collaboration between the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and the community (with participation of women and youth groups) to synergize all efforts towards Ending Drought Emergency and food and nutrition insecurity, as well as strengthening local scale monitoring, recording, visualization and sharing of weather data, hazards and impacts information, among different actors and levels, by integrating science, technology and indigenous knowledge.
The consultancy should achieve (but not limited to) the following minimum common objectives in both Tana River and Isiolo Counties:
a) Conduct an analysis of climate service data system in the area of intervention, including for instance analysis of existing secondary data (geography, climate, agricultures), assessment of existing Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Early Warning Systems (EWS), and calculation of the normal reference values for precipitation and temperature for the project area.
b) Configuration of the tools for collection, visualization, sharing and analysis of data for geo-localized weather observation, measurement, monitoring and reporting, in strong collaboration with community representatives and key stakeholders (i.e NDMA, Department of Meteorology), adapted to the project area and users’ needs, including handover of project primary data to NDMA and other key stakeholders.
c) Conduct trainings in Tana River and Isiolo Counties to community representatives on the concept of weather and climate, measurement of geo-localized weather parameters, participatory observation and data collection, reporting and analysis of data, including hazards/effects.
d) Provide recommendations for documenting good DRR adaptation practices and publications that can contribute to future cross-County programming.
Scope of Services and 4.0 Deliverables for Lot 1 and Lot 2
The Consultancy will deliver the services for two separate lots of this assignment (Lot 1—Tana River and Lot 2—Isiolo County) for CISP and Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS respectively. The main expected services and deliverables from this assignment in each Lot are detailed in the download document.
Consultancy timeframe
The consultancy assignment is expected to be undertaken between February 2021 to December 2023 (the end date of the projects) with preference made for a service provider that can optimize the timing and costs by finding synergies between the two lots. The engagement will be staggered to feature the various timelines of the deliverables as per the tables above. The Consultancy will deliver some services concurrently for both lots, while other services will be delivered consecutively, hence the overall duration of the consultancy will be determined based the technical design of the workplan as proposed by the service provider.
Before commencing the tasks, the Service Provider should develop and share plans and tools for each deliverable with CISP and Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS, which will coordinate the feedback of key stakeholders including NDMA and Department of meteorology for any comment/inputs in order to validate and authorize the plan.
Consultancy delivery methodology
The consultancy will be conducted through analysis and desk review/study, field missions, scientific mentorship and supervision, technical trainings, participatory discussions, consultative meetings, workshops, field support, and regular debriefings, both on the field and remotely. The partition between field missions and remote work shall depend on the nature of activities, health and security situation and indicated in the technical proposal (subject to the COVID-19 pandemic and other force majeure events).
The Service Provider will make its own logistic arrangements and cover all relevant expenses associated with the services, including data collection in the field, trainings and logistical expenses. CISP, Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS and their partners will assist in the provision of requisite background information and where possible will link up the Service Provider with field-based personnel. CISP, Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS and partners will facilitate contact with key stakeholders including national and county focal points from NDMA, the Department of meteorology and target community groups. CISP, Amref Health Africa–Comitato Collaborazione Medica ONLUS and partners may support the service provider’s local movement in Tana River and Isiolo Counties respectively.

How to apply
Applications should be submitted on or before 17:00 EAT February 1st, 2021 via email as follows: TO: and
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